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This year's theme, 'Accelerating the fight against malaria for a more equitable world,' underscores the urgent need for collective action, particularly as malaria cases are on the rise. International ...
01Net  -  14 ore fa
... simple and convenient parcel tracking solution helps shippers and freight forwarders boost customer experience while accelerating invoicing. With more granular visibility into parcel shipment ...
01Net  -  23 ore fa
... business development, and training.' Keith Strier, NVIDIA Vice President of Worldwide AI Initiative, said: 'By accelerating innovation in healthcare, agriculture, climate, manufacturing, and more, ...
01Net  -  23 ore fa
... product delivery, and supply chain.' YT Jia, Founder and Chief Product and User Ecosystem Officer, said, 'Bringing Werner Wilhelm onboard is a human resource step towards accelerating our entrance ...
01Net  -  23-4-2024
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"By joining forces with A4P, we further our mission to create healthier communities and improve patient lives by accelerating the development of medicines." LabConnect was advised by BroadOak Capital ...
Adnkronos  -  22-4-2024
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R&D investments reached almost 24% of total sales in the year, fuelling both the internal pipeline and accelerating external collaborations. Highlights from the therapeutic areas AIR AIR Franchise ...
Adnkronos  -  22-4-2024
It will create a vehicle for accelerating the introduction of disruptive early - stage technology into the global market on a commercial, proven platform. Following the transaction, SLB will own 80% ...
01Net  -  19-4-2024
Amidst these challenges, cleaner energy alternatives are accelerating in adoption, with governments engaging more assertively post - February 2022. This shift indicates a potential expediting of the ...
01Net  -  19-4-2024
'Batteries are a critical element of the accelerating energy transition on the global stage, and the development of localized supply chains and production capacity in the Western hemisphere are ...
01Net  -  19-4-2024
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... introduce intelligent technologies, deploy network digital twins at scale, and inspire AI technology innovation, ultimately accelerating network transformation towards all intelligence. Photo - ...
Adnkronos  -  17-4-2024
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