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...500 years ago in an attempt to maintain the unity of the church, ... and now Catholic and Lutheran officials are hoping it can be a ... the Vatican's chief ecumenist and the federation's general ...
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The gathering in Washington was an historic occasion of dialogue, learning, and fellowship for those who work with Indigenous communities in the Catholic Church. Hosted by the U. S. Conference of ...
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- - Huda Khoury, a Melkite Catholic, has been battling the Church's marriage tribunal in Lebanon for 20 years. Canon law, she says, is being misused in the Church's family courts. 'It started in 2003;...
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...of synodality as a constitutive dimension of the Church is one ...the Orthodox experience of synodality will hardly be on the Synod's ... Although not Orthodox, Synod participants from the Catholic ...
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...becoming the first Indigenous person to reach such a high office inside the Catholic Church, and he was noted for translating liturgical texts into the Tsou language, per CNA. The Vatican is Taiwan's ...
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Iraqi President Abdul Latif Rashid revoked his title July 3, which has been viewed as a usurpation of the clergyman's position as the officially recognized head of Iraq's Catholic Chaldean Church as ...
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Several Catholic priests held a ceremony blessing same - sex couples ...Cathedral on Wednesday night in a protest against the city's ... Their protest was triggered by Cologne church officials' criticism ...
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... the spiritual leader of the world's Eastern Orthodox Christians, will from Wednesday enjoy an extended stay in Hungary as a guest of the Roman Catholic Church's Benedictine Order at St Martin's Arch ...
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But the Catholic Church's Code of Canon Law leaves Strickland little to no room to resist if the pontiff demands his resignation, several prominent canon lawyers told NCR. Canon law makes it clear ...
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Editor's note: According to a 2008 Pew Research study, one of 10 U. S. adults is a former Catholic. Some have moved on to other denominations, others have no church affiliation at all, still others have formed their own communities of former Catholics. In this five - ...
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