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... selling, general and administrative expenses, finance income and expense and taxes; impact of general economic conditions on Endava's business, results of operations and financial condition, ...
01Net  -  29-2-2024
... detecting possible generalized tonic - clonic seizures, alerting caregivers, and providing valuable health information to help users better manage their condition. ' We are thrilled to introduce ...
01Net  -  28-2-2024
... underlying circumstances, including cash flows, cash position, financial performance, market conditions and potential acquisitions; prevailing stock prices, general economic and market condition; ...
01Net  -  28-2-2024
Progressed Electron's reusability program with a successful ocean splashdown and recovery in January 2024, bringing Electron's first stage back in the best condition yet. Entered the commissioning ...
01Net  -  28-2-2024
... anticipated tax treatment, unforeseen liabilities, future capital expenditures, revenues, expenses, earnings, synergies, economic performance, indebtedness, financial condition, losses, future ...
01Net  -  28-2-2024
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"The tide of the world either flows or ebbs; the condition of a state either prospers or fails." The Chinese saying, which can be traced back to Lyu Zuqian, a Confucian scholar during the Southern ...
Adnkronos  -  27-2-2024
Persone:chen qingshan
Fonte della foto: Adnkronos
"In the US, intelligent innovative platforms to support behavioral health are far behind other specialties, and yet more people suffer from mental health problems than any other condition in the ...
Adnkronos  -  27-2-2024
... BGN) +80 bps (1) Subject to the satisfaction or waiver of the conditions of the Offers described in the Offer to Purchase, if the Maximum Purchase Condition (as defined below) is not satisfied with ...
01Net  -  27-2-2024
... such as Mass General Brigham, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, CVS Health and Elevance Health, use our solutions to deliver high - touch and personalized chronic condition management, remote care, and ...
01Net  -  26-2-2024
... the AT6 device leverages LTE - M cellular connectivity, Wi - Fi, cellular triangulation and GPS for location services and an accelerometer, light and temperature sensor for condition monitoring. The ...
01Net  -  26-2-2024
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