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Fonte della foto: La Repubblica
There's quite a lot of inside his head". Baldwin gives some more insight about the genesis of his ... He actually said, you know, "I'm worried it's gonna make me look like a wanker"". This is because "...
La Repubblica  -  24-2-2024
Fonte della foto: Parkett
... I mean, it's all quite new for me like all this busyness and all the attention, I mean, it was ... I know that for you, one of the most important things in techno is the importance of the concept of ...
Parkett  -  13-2-2024
'Unfortunately, we know cybercriminals also use AI to scale malicious activity. With love - seekers ... These are often quite generic or lack substance. Additionally, it's important to be sure not to ...
01Net  -  12-2-2024
This Photonics West has been great.' 'This year we were quite busy, even just walking around the show with so many people we know here and so many companies we are in touch with,' said TNO Business ...
01Net  -  9-2-2024
Fonte della foto: The Watcher Post
And we know that the free movement of goods, services, capital, and people is among the ... The political substratum is quite visible. What the Italian law says Moreover, the Lollobrigida law is ...
The Watcher Post  -  5-2-2024
Fonte della foto: Euractiv
More often than not, people with disabilities are quite uninformed regarding the importance of our ... We spent the first hour getting to know each other and playing skills development games, guided by ...
Euractiv  -  30-1-2024
This is already something quite different from the old free competition between dispersed ... as soon as the holding of a given entrepreneur's current account puts the bank in a position to know, more ...
Girodivite  -  22-1-2024
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