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The Dutch magazine reported that in 2004 he worked as a priest in Mozambique, and Bishop Belo himself told a Catholic news outlet, UCANews, in 2005 that he had moved to Mozambique. 'I am an assistant ...
Il Sismografo  -  30-9-2022
Gerald Ridsdale was such a prolific paedophile that he cannot now remember who all his victims were, a court has been told. The former priest has been behind bars for sexual offending against children since 1994 and will not be eligible for parole until he's 90. Offending occurred in a games room in the church presbytery, in the ...
Il Sismografo  -  29-9-2022
The 55 - year - old Father Vincent Pereira of Pune in western India has been accused of sex abuse many times since 2014. An Indian Catholic priest already under suspension following sex abuse complaints has fresh charges of sexual assault being lodged against him by a minor boy and his father, sparking calls for his dismissal from the ...
Il Sismografo  -  29-9-2022
A new law would break that sacred bond, the priest said, and directed the parishioners to sign a one - page form letter on their way out. 'I/We Oppose HB90,' began the letter, stacked next to pre - ...
Il Sismografo  -  28-9-2022
The magazine quoted some male victims as saying that the 74 - year - old priest gave the boys, who lived in extreme poverty, money after abusing them.
Il Sismografo  -  28-9-2022
The priest criticized ' bishops who say 'I would like to resign, but the pope won't let me.'' 'Instead, they should be man enough to say, 'No matter what the pope says, I can't continue [in office] ...
Il Sismografo  -  28-9-2022
(...) (en) Vatican strips Lebanese priest of ecclesiastical status over abuses
Il Sismografo  -  27-9-2022
I rainbow priest mettono online le bollette o le appendono in bacheca per denunciare le speculazioni finanziarie. Hanno taciuto di fronte alle cremazioni forzate, alle morti in isolamento, ma non ...
Il Detonatore  -  25-9-2022
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In arguably the clearest sign yet that he is under active criminal investigation, a retired Catholic priest from New Orleans who has been publicly accused of molesting 'countless' children but never ...
Il Sismografo  -  25-9-2022
Persone:lawrence hecker
... a retired Catholic priest from New Orleans who has been publicly accused of molesting 'countless' children but never charged has acknowledged that the FBI recently questioned him.
Il Sismografo  -  24-9-2022
Persone:lawrence hecker
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