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Russian forces continue to break through the Ukrainian defensive lines at the gates of Krasnyy and Stupochki. If there is further progress in the area, Russian forces may establish control of the ...
AGC News  -  19 ore fa
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Politico wrote earlier that Vladimir Zelensky's administration was infuriated by the words of the US Chief of Staff, Mark Milley, that Ukraine is unlikely to 'dislodge Russian forces' from all ...
AGC News  -  3-2-2023
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In places taken from the Ukrainians, the Russian military found plans for an offensive operation by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to eliminate the republics of Donbass. The exercise plan provided for a ...
AGC News  -  2-2-2023
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'Units of the Russian Armed Forces are striking Ukrainian positions in the new line of defence. Attacks are also underway against Ukrainian militant positions in Orekhovo, Gulyaypol and Charivne,' ...
AGC News  -  1-2-2023
... about twenty settlements were hit by various types of Russian weapons yesterday. Our ... But despite these difficult circumstances, we thank the Lord God and the Armed Forces of Ukraine that we are ...
Il Sismografo  -  31-1-2023
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The initiative remained in the hands of the Russian Armed Forces with the exception of the Svatove - Kreminna and Kherson area. In the former, the Ukrainians launched attacks in waves, without ...
AGC News  -  31-1-2023
Major Archbishop Sviatoslav gave the Pope a list of doctors captured by the Russian armed forces and requested the Pope to seek their release. (link) The delegation also attended the vespers in the ...
Il Sismografo  -  30-1-2023
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... but there is a video of a demonstration launch by the Strategic Missile Forces in the 1990s. The frigate, flagship of the Russian fleet, Admiral Gorshkov, practised preparing for an attack with a ...
AGC News  -  30-1-2023
According to the morning reports, we know that our defenders repelled the attacks of the Russian ... the right to freedom, and the right to independence, today we thank God and the Armed Forces of ...
Il Sismografo  -  30-1-2023
Fonte della foto: AGC News
On 24 January, the Chief of Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov - appointed on 11 January as commander of the Joint Force Grouping in the 'Special Operation' zone - and Deputy Minister for Defence gave an interview in which he ...
AGC News  -  29-1-2023
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