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"Don't cut off true feelings because of long distances, don't forget your true feelings because of a busy life and don't ignore your true feelings because of the hustle and bustle of life," Xi said ...
Adnkronos  -  29-9-2023
The team's vision is to overcome the current limitations in identifying treatments with true ... Simulations have already been validated from target discovery to patient stratification and life cycle ...
01Net  -  29-9-2023
The Educational MoCap Program equips schools with the knowledge, tools and one - on - on support they need to execute influential, true - to - life, motion - based learning experiences.' For more ...
01Net  -  27-9-2023
... The Glen Grant The Visionary 68 - Years - Old captures the true spirit of 'The Major's' adventures,... which is transforming the life chances of young people in Scotland, by helping them to develop ...  -  27-9-2023
... its focus remains on its players and bringing to life its mission of Making the World Playful . ... Forward - looking statements believed to be true when made may ultimately prove to be incorrect. These ...
01Net  -  27-9-2023
The third, Savoy Care, provides communities with a true clinical partner that can quickly and ... we will enable a new paradigm in long - term care where the baseline quality of life is significantly ...
01Net  -  26-9-2023
True to its cooperative origins, it pays a share of its profits to insurance customers through ... a patient - centric company delivering life - enhancing precision medicine for chronic wounds, ...
01Net  -  26-9-2023
No one likes to think about getting old and dying, but both are an inevitable part of life, for those we love and for ourselves. It is especially true of world leaders, which has led to debates about ...
Il Sismografo  -  26-9-2023
This is also true of the effort to swiftly develop, produce, and distribute, diagnostics, ... Pope Francis, Address to the participants in the Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Academy for Life, 27 ...
Il Sismografo  -  21-9-2023
In both life and love there is no way of knowing the ultimate outcome of any situation". La canzone ...and Kedrick was a fantastic experience! Working with them made it possible for me to express true ...
L'Opinionista  -  20-9-2023
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