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"Italy wants a just peace that respects Ukraine's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. There can be no peace without justice," the tweet added.
Adnkronos  -  8 ore fa
By Elizabeth Hearst for AMLi Two of Ukraine's footballing head honchos have been arrested over fraud and money laundering allegations.  President of the Ukraine FA Andriy Pavelko and General Secretary Yuri Zapisotsky, have been accused ...
CityRoma  -  8 ore fa
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After Russia's invasion of Ukraine and its weaponisation of natural gas supplies,  energy security  has become a top political priority for Europe. Given the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region's abundant ...
ISPI  -  13 ore fa
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Fonte della foto: Blondet & Friends frammento in cui Ursula affermava che più di 100.000 militari dell'AFU (Armed  Forces of Ukraine)... la VdL ha cancellato il primo tweet (
Blondet & Friends  -  13 ore fa
... the head of Russia's internal republic of Chechnya, has responded to remarks made by Pope Francis, who said a few days ago that the cruelest troops during the Russian special operation in Ukraine ...
Il Sismografo  -  18 ore fa
Ukraine's Roman and Greek Catholic bishops have declared the next 12 months a 'Year of Mercy' dedicated to showing solidarity with the poor and needy, specifically those most impacted by the ongoing ...
Il Sismografo  -  18 ore fa
Fonte della foto: Sanremo
'Let's Get Lost' di Bruce Weber. Salle Garnier dell'Opéra di Monte - Carlo ( più info ) NICE 11.00 -... 'Annual Gala Dinner for Ukraine': asta di beneficenza a cura della Fondazione Elina Svitolina ...
Sanremo  -  20 ore fa
The Russia - Ukraine war disrupted the chances of global economic recovery from the COVID - 19 ... in September 2021, Arab Contractors Company and Orascom Construction opened and launched the world's ...
Padova News  -  21 ore fa
Fonte della foto: AGC News
Emergency power outages were again reported in Ukraine for the day of 29 November in Odessa, stabilisation outage programmes are not working, ...tolerate the current level of losses while PMC Wagner's ...
AGC News  -  21 ore fa
It was a rightful act, given the atrocities committed by Moscow's army in Ukraine (but not only), given the ferocity on the civilians, aiming to leave entire cities in the cold without water or ...
Italia Oggi  -  30-11-2022
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