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A few days after Cardinal Matteo Zuppi's appointment as head of a Vatican 'peace mission' to 'help ease tensions in the conflict in Ukraine' (as Vatican News put it), a startling picture appeared on p. A1 of the Washington Post . That graphic image illustrated just how daunting a task Cardinal Zuppi and the Vatican Secretariat of State face. ...
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Dr Miriam Rose Ungunmerr Baumann, an Australian Aboriginal elder, teacher and artist, is in the Vatican for a week - long visit. During her stay, she will meet with Pope Francis and senior Church ...
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For a pope, one good way to be remembered is to do more of something than anyone else in history. To this day, Vatican - watchers love to cite the factoid that John Paul II traveled more than all previous popes combined, covering three and a half times the distance between the earth and the moon. The previous ...
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The Vatican Museums, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that closed or limited openings during the COVID - 19 pandemic, have almost returned to their pre - pandemic level of about six million visitors a ...
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... former Italian Secretary of State for European Affairs), Bill Emmott (Trustee of the Institute of Strategic Studies and former editor of The Economist), John Hooper (Italy and Vatican correspondent, ...
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L'udienza generale di oggi (Foto da Vatican News) Papa Francesco ha dedicato l'udienza generale a padre Matteo Ricci. Questa mattina in piazza San Pietro, il Pontefice, continuando il ciclo di catechesi  La passione per l'...
CronacheMaceratesi  -  13 ore fa
The Philippines is the only place outside the Vatican where divorce is outlawed. Pro - divorce advocates argue the ban makes it harder for couples to cut ties and remarry, and escape violent spouses. ...
Il Sismografo  -  16 ore fa
Pope Francis has asked aides to get to the bottom of how at least $17 million, including money to refurbish the dorm, was transferred from the Vatican's U. S. - based missionary fundraising coffers ...
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La tortura - ricorda Vatican News - è un crimine sancito dal diritto internazionale, non è mai consentita né giustificata, nemmeno in casi di emergenza, instabilità politica, minaccia di conflitto ...
FarodiRoma  -  30-5-2023
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SiracusaOggi  -  30-5-2023
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