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Recently, we have been hearing Israeli and diaspora Jewish voices expressing disappointment at the Catholic Church's reaction to the terrorist attacks of Oct. 7. The claim is that the pope has not sufficiently condemned the crimes of Hamas and, furthermore, that he has created a symmetry between ...
Il Sismografo  -  30-11-2023
Cardinal Burke is part of a group of American conservatives who have long opposed the Pope's plans for reforming the Catholic Church. A Vatican source told the BBC that Pope Francis has not yet ...
Il Sismografo  -  30-11-2023
...Vatican says he has also maintained daily contact with a Catholic ...says he has also maintained daily contact with a Catholic church ... The Israelis, however, continued to press, hoping the pope's ...
Il Sismografo  -  30-11-2023
...producer and where about a quarter of the population is Catholic, ... S. dioceses hold millions of dollars of stock in fossil fuel fossil fuel companies through portfolios intended to fund church ...
Il Sismografo  -  29-11-2023
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...the bill's objective to protect the institution of family and promote proper sexual human rights in Ghana. The Conference believes that the bill aligns with the moral teachings of the Catholic Church ...
Il Sismografo  -  29-11-2023
'They're the most serious charges one can launch against the pope or any Catholic.' Over the last decade, Cardinal Burke, 75, has expressed doubts about the pope's grasp on church teaching and ...
Il Sismografo  -  29-11-2023
On Nov. 12, a group of five Jewish scholars, each deeply involved in Jewish/Christian dialogue, penned an open letter to Pope Francis and to the faithful of the Catholic Church. The letter quickly gathered more than 400 signatures, emanating from various corners of the rabbinic and academic Jewish world. In essence, the letter asked the church to act as a ...
Il Sismografo  -  29-11-2023
The Chaldean patriarch accused Iraq's Supreme Court of 'politicisation' in turning down his appeal. Iraq's Supreme Court dismissed an attempt by the head of the Chaldean Catholic Church to overturn a presidential decree which removed his 'institutional recognition'. The Chaldean Patriarch of Babylon ...
Il Sismografo  -  29-11-2023
In what was one of Europe's most religious countries, mass attendance has dropped severely, Irish priests find themselves ...only a small number of apprentices are committing themselves to the church. ...
Il Sismografo  -  28-11-2023
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... the German bishops' conference president complained vehemently about Archbishop Gadecki's letter of protest to Pope Francis against key reform ideas of the 'Synodal Path' of the Catholic Church in ...
Il Sismografo  -  28-11-2023
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