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 To take part in IDO, follow the link. 'Our project is a bridge that connects the traditional profitable aquatic business to the blockchain world and technologies. We are developing in accordance with ...
Padova News  -  6 ore fa
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... but the contrade didn't give up and, between the 27 th  and the 28 th  of June, they decided that ... But, pay attention: I do not want to take all the credits, the part about the printing process was a ...
Siena News  -  2-7-2022
...photovoltaic plant The groundbreaking ceremony for the Karavasta Solar site in Albania will take ... solar, hydraulic, biomass and storage facilities that it owns and operates. Voltalia has generating ...
Padova News  -  2-7-2022
Draghi at the Quirinal? Inflation says no In Italy, some believe that they can fix complicated ... we need 42 conditions Italy has a strange way of conceiving the Next Generation Eu, which will take ...
Italia Oggi  -  2-7-2022
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With its sophisticated displays that are intuitive at a glance, the freshly upgraded Petal Maps will guide you to the path you need to take in a fun, immersive way. Petal Maps continue to evolve to ...
Adnkronos  -  1-7-2022
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...will consolidate the majority of its 40 plants that supply energy from reusable sources to industrial factories in Vietnam and other parts of the world under Philux Fidelity Global Group and take ...
Padova News  -  1-7-2022
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On behalf of myself and the leadership team, I take this opportunity to thank Farhad for his ... We look forward to harnessing the innovative spirit that runs across Yahsat's commercial business to ...
Adnkronos  -  1-7-2022
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We realised early on that this technology would drive bank payments for decades to come and over ... The Nordigen acquisition will take us to the next level. By intelligently combining free, state - of -...
Adnkronos  -  1-7-2022
Professor Ogliari himself calculated that, once the cable cars were operational, it would no longer take more than an hour and a half to travel by train, tram and cable car from the Milan station in ...
VareseNews  -  1-7-2022
We thank the Lord God and the Armed Forces of Ukraine that we have lived to this morning and see the light of day, we can take comfort in this opportunity to stand before God's face and delve into ...
Il Sismografo  -  30-6-2022
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